Sunday, March 22, 2020

Leyburn/Ulshaw Bridge Lenten Goma Project

Organisers of the Lenten Goma project appeal at Ss Peter & Paul/Ss Simon and Jude have announced details of how you can donate given current events.

The appeal raises funds for the Bernadine Sisters who run a school for children in Goma. Parishioners have been invited to pay £18 for a desk for one child at the school, or make a donation to the appeal either at Church or by putting coins into a Smartie Tube.

Donations can now be made by cheque, made payable to "TOBS Hyning" (this stands for the "Trustees of the Bernadine Sisters). Please send these to:

Liz Field
61 Brentwood,
DL8 5HW.
Tel: 01969 624791

If the donation is to pay for a desk, please include a note to explain this inside the envelope. Alternatively, you can hang on to the Smartie tube filled with coins until this current situation passes.

Many thanks to all those involved in organising the appeal.