Friday, July 10, 2020

First Public Mass in Leyburn: Homily - Calvary to heaven

It was wonderful to celebrate public Mass at Ss Peter and Paul, Leyburn, for the first time since March. There was a good number of 10 there. Mass was celebrated for Vocations to the Priesthood. There is Mass on Sunday at Ss Peter and Paul at 10am.

Homily: Calvary to heaven

Whenever we gather for Mass on a Friday, we do so remembering especially Our Lord’s passion and death on the Cross for our sake. We recall that Jesus carried the weight of our sins on his way to Calvary and paid the price for them that we might be saved. Today’s Psalm is a plea for the forgiveness that God offers us, an acknowledgment of our need for His infinite mercy.

In Jesus’ suffering, he shows us that part of our Christian life too involves suffering. Jesus Himself warns in the Gospel about the persecution the apostles will face for remaining true to the Faith. Many, of course, have been suffering in different ways recently, not just with the virus, but with fear, loneliness and uncertainty about their future. But to humbly endure suffering and consciously unite those trials with Christ’s Passion, does powerfully aid us along the path to our eternal home. In suffering with Christ, we like the people of Israel in our First Reading will be led to the beauty of the promised land where lilies, shoots, roots, corn, olives, and vines will flourish.

Lord, by your Cross, lead us to the joys of the heavenly Jerusalem.

(Post by Fr Richard)

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