Friday, July 3, 2020

St Thomas the Apostle

Thomas is something of a favourite with me. I know he is called doubting Thomas but he has one of the best sayings in the whole of the Gospel. Thomas has the great prayer of adoration when he really sees and believes in the Risen Christ "My Lord and My God", I know many of us say that prayer when we hear the bell ring at the consecration of the Mass and Jesus comes to our altar under the appearance of bread and wine.

Of all the apostles no one travelled further than Thomas in spreading the Good news. He gat as far as Chennai (Madras). When our St Francis Xavier got to India 1,500 years later he met the descendants of Thomas' converts. Thomas for me is a great man of Faith. Do not worry about having doubts, if you place them in the hands of Jesus , you can have the greatest Faith.

Fr Bill East
died July 1st. he had been the parish priest of Pickering until his retirement. Let us pray for him and thank God for his priestly ministry.

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