Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thursday, Last Week of Ordinary Time: World is passing

Fr Richard's words for today

Readings: Universalis: Mass

World is passing

As we approach the end of the Church's year, the Scriptures turn our attention to the end of time - the Apocalypse. Indeed, the weekday readings at the moment are from the final book of the Bible bearing that name. 

Today, in the reading and Gospel, we hear prophecies of the demise of two place names - Babylon and Jerusalem. Scholars of the Book of the Apocalypse (or Revelation) think that "Babylon" may well actually refer to the earthly Jerusalem itself. In any case, prophecies of the destruction of cities come because of their inhabitants'' rejection of God's Covenant with His people.

The fall of cities in the Scriptures are signs of the coming of Christ again in glory, to judge the living and the dead. These coming events remind us that - ultimately - the earthly realm will come to an end.  While Our Lord created us for this world to sanctify it and continue His work of salvation, we as Christians are citizens of heaven. Thus, we need to stay awake and be prepared both for our particular and final judgment when Our Lord comes again on the clouds. 

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